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Player Information
Player name: Shini/Kit
Contact: [plurk.com profile] eloquencejones
Other characters in the game: Gaius Maecenas

Character Information
Character Name: Dick Grayson
Canon: Young Justice
Canon Point: Mid-timeskip (just before the end of season one), when he's about 16
Species: Human
History: Step Right Up...
Personality: Dick Grayson is flawless. He has two utility belts and a batmobile. I hear his a-ok maybe not. Unlike Regina George, Dick is very good at getting along with people, he's got just the right mix of friendly and sassy that means he's really good at putting people at their ease and making them laugh, he's often cheerful and ready to crack a joke and he doesn't take life too seriously until it really matters. It's not that he's incapable of getting down to business, because when the chips are down he's definitely the type of person you want backing you up, but even in the midst of the tensest of situations he's always going to be ready with a quip to lighten the mood.

He cares a lot about people, and he's often puts the needs of others before himself, though he very much needs other people to put him first at least occasionally, because he can easily get jealous or grumpy if he gets too neglected. He can also be more than a little bit too friendly, and is a terrible flirt, most of the time without even meaning to be, which can lead to some unfortunately misunderstandings as he gets older. He's also developing into something of a workaholic, especially when it comes to helping other people, and he's prone to neglecting himself because there's just one more thing to be done - this can also lead to him neglecting friends and other people close to him, because he's too busy trying to help strangers.

All in all he's a people person with a hero complex and an irresistible urge to befriend non-people people.

Specialty Skills:
Action Skills
Management - Interrogation, Intimidation, Moxie, Oratory
Stealth - Concealment, Disguse, High Alert, Security Systems, Shadowing, Sleight of Hand, Sneaking, Surveillance (aka ALL OF THEM)
Violence - Agility, Fine Manipulation, Hand weapons, Projectile Weapons, Thrown Weapons, Unarmed Combat

Knowledge Skills
Hardware -
Software - Data Search, Hacking, Operating systems
Wetware -

Other Skills (not listed) - A very basic knowledge in a whole host of other combat and scientific skills, excellent research and deductive skills, peak physical condition, escape artistry, marksmanship, strategy, multiple languages, maths and acrobatics. Boy got skills.

Mutant Abilities: None
Service Firm and Position: Formerly tech support, currently unknown.

Almost Done!
Would you like to volunteer your character to be a selected target of the Anti-Special Society (ASS)? Definitely
Due to past trouble with Specials, some have been given specific trigger phrases to assist in controlling their traitorous tendencies. Does your character have a trigger phrase and if so, what is it? They haven't got hold of him to add one yet
Do you agree that your character will be held accountable to the terms of Treason and Punishment if they are found to be guilty of treason? If they can catch him


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